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The Best Time of The Year to Repair or Pave Your Driveway

A driveway in a poor condition could be an eyesore to the home and neighborhood. Also, with time, the damage on the driveway will worsen. When you finally decide to fix your driveway, it is important to schedule your repair to the appropriate time of the year. Doing this at the wrong time could become a costly mistake!

We recommend having major repairs and new paving with chip seal in Warsaw IN during the summer months and late springs. You can, however, have emergency patching any time of the year.

We address some issues you should know below:

Season of the year

Generally, hot asphalt is transported to your residence in a heated truck. It is kept in a liquid state which makes it easy to pour. In warm weather, it is easy to pour, spread and level out evenly while still in the liquid state. It will cool and harden evenly giving a strong and lasting surface.

If it is transported in cold weather, the asphalt’s temperature could drop rapidly on leaving the truck. Thus, as it is being poured, it will thicken and cause an uneven finish. It could even harden before the job is completed which could end up wasting time and money.

Due to this, you might be left with a driveway that looks rough and uneven. The underlying structure of the asphalt could be damaged which could cause an influx of water, damaging the asphalt. Hence, we recommend paving your driveway in the hot season.

Temperature factors

The kind of work you are doing will determine the appropriate temperature you will be working with. If it is a new driveway, you should have a ground temperature of at least 5 degrees before placing the base layer. The upper layer, on the other hand, should be 10 degrees at least.

These are absolute minimum temperatures hence, we advise working at late springs and summer to have optimum results.

Precipitation Considerations

Asides, temperatures, other weather conditions can affect new asphalt. Precipitation matters as well. For this reason, we advise being aware of the weather condition before laying a new asphalt. You could have a repair with a light drizzle but heavy rain will fast-track the cooling of your asphalt. It can even lead to water damage.

Emergency repairs

There are times emergency repairs would be needed. Serious potholes, deep cracks and other signs of major structural failure let you know it is time to call on the services of a professional installer of Chip seal in Warsaw or any other location you are. You, however, should have the repair on time, even if its winter.

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