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Pavement Surface Treatment Types

Reputed and experienced contractors will be able to provide effective maintenance services for the paved area in your property. Given below is a brief but, comprehensive discussion on the basic paved surfaces that are dealt with by a paving contractor:

1. Flexible pavements

It is basically a paved structure that comprises of several layers of construction materials. Generally the best ԛuality materials are used on topmost layers. This is because the intensity, frequency and stress of traffic are highest on the topmost layers. The surface stays tolerable to heavy traffics and treads with regular maintenance. This type of flexible paved area can be considered as a multi-layer system comprising:

  • The surface course
  • Underlying middle base
  • Sub-base courses
  • All these layers together contribute towards facilitating drainage, frost protection, and support. As these are vital aspects for a convenient living, you should not ignore pavement maintenance.

2. Perpetual pavements

The name basically describes a structural design that stays intact for a considerably long time. However, a reputed paving contractor in addition to using the best ԛuality materials and appropriate construction methods might suggest occasional maintenance for this type. Thus, if you do not choose skilled and experienced paving contractors, there can arise various problems like - permeability, moisture retention, variability of density and segregation with depth. Correctly maintained structures can withstand heavy stress and tension without any structural deterioration.

3. Rigid pavements

The surface course in this type is basically hydraulic cement concrete type. The concrete slabs at the topmost layers provide the maximum strength to the paved surface. As the name suggests, the rigid pavements are stiffer than the other two types mentioned above. This stiffness or rigidity is due to high elasticity modulus of the construction material. It also results in considerably low deflections (the plate theory). Nevertheless, this type of paved areas also requires regular maintenance and repairs to prevent loss of rigidity.

4. Chip Seal

This is a rather old but cost-effective pavement surface treament. It basically entails mixing layers of asphalt with aggregates. It is mostly used in rural areas but could be used in roads that lead to your garage too. If you’re looking for a cheap pavement surface treatment, this is your best choice. One bad side, however, is that, it is not durable.

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